Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does quality really matter for a paper roll?

Yes, Use of low quality or low grade papers will result in excess dust generation which could result in printer jamming and can also dramatically reduce the life of any ribbons or rollers and the internal mechanics of your printer. Low grade paper will not print a good image quality. In addition, failure to use approved papers may result in printer warranties being invalidated.

2) Do you have an Apex product catalogue?

Most companies have a huge and changing inventory of tens of thousands of products from many suppliers. Apex Paper Rolls & Supplies has only inventory for POS consumables. Our website catalog can be printed at your disposal. Therefore, we do not offer a paper version of our catalog.

3) How can Apex offer such great prices?

We guarantee the lowest overall cost over our competitors published delivered cost. Many resellers misleads on their pricing, leaving out important shipping charges. Our pricing is up front and honest. We believe that we offer the BEST price and experience to our many customers.

Apex offers great quality, service and value by offering the best service and support. If you feel someone is a real competitor, in terms of service, support and overall value, we’ll happily beat their price by 2-5%.

All items sold carry a full manufacturer’s warranty! All items sold from this site are 100% OEM quality and made in the U.S.A. In the event you find a better price, carefully note the EXACT merchant who is offering the exact same product with the exact same specifications. You will have to present this to us.

To dispute our price, simply place your order with in the information sited above and the competitor’s price, name address and phone numbers. If they do not CLEARLY OFFER the terms and conditions of the items being order, we will not honor the request. Otherwise, we will issue a credit for the difference and notify you of our findings.

The competitor must be 100% publicly accessible. Membership only sites do not apply. Most Paper Roll companies claim to be selling their products below suggested retail prices. This is not always true in many cases. Because we ship our paper rolls from one centralized location, we are able to keep costs down and sell your paper rolls and supplies below actual suggested retail prices.

4) How do I pay for my first order?

Your first order must be paid by a valid credit card and it’s processed immediately and shipped the same day. If you request terms, please follow the instructions below.

5) Do you offer Terms?

Yes, we offer terms to companies that requests them. The terms will be determined on an individual basis. You can download a credit application, fill it out completely and forward it to our credit department. Your application will be processed within 48 hours or less, at our discretion will extend credit terms that may vary depending on your credit worthiness. We will consider extending terms to other organizations for large orders or companies wishing to order on a regular basis. Contact our credit department for further details.

6) Do you have a product guarantee?

We offer an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all our products. If you are dissatisfied with our products or services for any reason, we will…

Be 1000% involved in resolving the issue
Replace the product or
Refund the cost of the product no questions asked and no fine print

7) Can I return my purchase?

There is a 30 day limited time that you can return your paper roll order. After the 30th day of your delivery, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

8) How much is Sales Tax for My State?

Orders shipped to Connecticut locations pay 6% sales tax only. Sales tax is not charged on orders shipped outside of Connecticut.

9) What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checks and COD. Orders shipped COD will be charged an additional $12.00 service fee.

10) Is it safe to use my Credit Card as a form of payment on your site? uses only SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt your credit card information throughout the order submission process. This ensures that your credit card information will not be read as it travels over the internet.

11) How do you ship your orders?

All orders are shipped ground. If you are located within a 40 mile radius from our warehouse in Stamford, CT – our delivery trucks will deliver it, either the same day or next day and we also partner with U.P.S. ground service for farther deliveries, unless otherwise specified.

12) How much are shipping charges?

1. If your order is more than $250.00 in products (excluding Sales taxes) or more the shipping is on us!

2. For orders of less than $250.00 the charges range from $4.50 to $12.00 per box depending on weight and shipping location and they will be calculated at the time of shipping.

3. For orders of less than $250.00 and if your order is local or within 40 miles from our Stamford, CT warehouse the charge is 75% less than the UPS shipping cost.

13) How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders will ship the same day if your order is placed no later than 6:00 pm and it will arrive within 1 business day via UPS and no later than 5 business days, depending on where you are located. Apex adheres to UPS shipping limitations due to weather conditions.

In most cases, if you are located within a 40 mile radius from our warehouse in Stamford, CT – our delivery trucks will deliver it, either the same day or next day.

14) How late can an order be placed and ship the same day?

Orders placed before 6 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Friday, will be shipped the same day.

15) Can I get my order the same day I order?

Yes, we can deliver your order the same day, within 40 mile radius of our warehouse, Stamford, CT;

16) Do you deliver on weekends & holidays?

Yes, we deliver Saturdays or Sundays with a minimum order of 5 cases of paper rolls or more, there is an extra service charge of $15.00 and $50.00 on holidays.

17) Where are the orders shipped from?

Shipped from our warehouse in Stamford, CT.

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18) Holiday Season Shipping:

As you know, the holidays can overwhelm the major shipping companies. Our carriers (UPS and FedEx) do not guarantee any ground shipments to arrive on schedule. This means our standard 1-5 day shipping may arrive late, even though we ship it out same day. We will do all we can on our end to get shipments processed quickly to help offset this as much as possible. However, we can only do so much during the holidays. For urgent shipments, we recommend using our ‘Emergency’ service addressed above.

19) Do you offer Rush Shipping orders?

Yes, we understand mishaps, however a $15.00 Rush shipping charge will be added to your order if you request an emergency delivery for after hours or Saturday and Sunday’s. On major holidays there will be a $50.00 extra charge for deliveries within a 40 mile radius from Stamford; a five (5) case minimum will be required for the delivery to take place.

20) Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time.

21) Can I buy in large quantities?

Bulk pricing is available. If you are a reseller or a distributor or if you are a POS vendor, we have special warehouse pricing and services. We tailor label your products and we ship form our warehouse using your company name and no one will know that the paper rolls and supplies come from Apex. You can call us M-F 9am-7pm EST toll free at 866-96-PAPER or locally at 203-967-2737. You can also use the contact form to submit a request to our sales department.

22) How do I search for an item?

You can select a specific category in product list tab.

23) The price on Apex’s Website is it always accurate?

We make the best effort to keep the information on our site accurate. Prices are subject to change without notice however, we reserve the right to make special offers on various products from time to time. In the event a price is found to be incorrect or a product is not accurately depicted we will always honor the published pricing, no questions asked. We will also contact you to inform them of any changes made in terms of paper diameter changes, footage or any other specifications changes by the mills. All information is believed to be accurate, but is not always guaranteed.

24) Does roll size matter?

Yes. Always ensure you obtain the correct roll width as rolls that are too wide or too large a diameter will not work. Always ensure that you use the maximum diameter suitable for your printer as while smaller rolls will normally fit you will get less transactions per roll & need to change them more frequently & buy more.

25) How do I measure my roll?

All our rolls are measured Width x Diameter x Core (internal measurement).If there is no plastic or cardboard core these are known as coreless rolls & typically will have a centre hole of approximately 8mm diameter.


26) How long does an image last?

Sunlight, plasticizers and other external factors affect the life of a carbonless image. Under normal office conditions an image will last indefinitely. For example, the IRS has approved carbonless forms for financial record retention, which means the forms have to keep their image for a minimum of seven years.

27) Is it true that thermal paper images fade or disappear?

There are many types of thermal paper designed for a variety of applications. Some products are formulated for long image life and others are designed to balance economy and short duration use. The life of the image depends on two critical selections. Ensuring that the paper is matched to the thermal printer such that the image color is fully developed is critical. The second is selecting the appropriate grade to match the needs of the end user. For example, thermal products designed for airline ticketing or high life receipts (POS) have significantly improved image stability over products formulated for short duration labels or grocery receipts. Image life can be greatly improved, to seven years or longer, by selecting the appropriate grade for the application and adhering to the Appleton storage recommendations. Typically our thermal paper will last between 2 to 4 years in normal conditions.

For more information on storage and shelf life, please go the “Product Information” page on the Appleton Thermal Paper home page.

We serve the following markets: the hospitality industry, retail, gas stations, banking institutions and any credit card machine as well as any industry that uses paper receipts in order to record a sale with the use of thermal or impact printer.

28) How does thermal paper work?

Thermal papers are coated with a colorless formula which will develop an image by the application of heat. When passing through an imaging device, precise measures of heat applied by the print head cause a reaction that creates a strong dark image on the paper.

29) How is carbonless paper made?

Carbonless paper is made by coating bond grade papers. The coatings are called coated back (CB) and coated front (CF). CB is a layer of microcapsules that contains colorless dyes. CF is a layer of clay and resin. When the two coatings meet under pressure the capsules break and release the dye. When the dye mates with the resin the carbonless image is formed.

30) How do self-contained products work?

Self-contained products have both carbonless CB and CF coatings on the same side of the sheet. This permits the sheet to form an image when pressure is applied directly from below or through plies from above. Self-contained products are also available with CB on the back of the sheet to create images on successive plies in a form set.

31) Do you sell printer head cleaners?

Yes, we offer card cleaners for Magnetic Card Readers and all printer head. Please refer to our product list for more information.

32) Can I reduce the curling of the paper?

Excess paper curling is most evident towards the end of the roll particularly when using a very small core. While there will always be a degree of curling the use of high quality papers will keep this to a minimum.

33) Is the core size important?

In some printers a spindle or driver is inserted into the core to feed the paper forward. In this instance the core size is critical as the printer will not work with the wrong size core. In many other printer terminals the roll simply sits in a cradle or well & while the core is not important to the performance of the printer it does mean that the use of unnecessarily large cores results in less paper.

34) What Paper do I need?

While there are many paper specifications there are 4 main types of paper used for roll products.

These are:

  • Thermal
  • Carbonless
  • Single Ply
  • Self Contained

Below is a brief explanation of each paper type:


Thermal Paper:
This paper quality is used in many modern printers for applications as varied as receipts at a store level to Industrial & Gaming rolls.

The first thing you will notice about this paper type is that they are one ply & the paper has a smooth ‘shiny’ surface. Thermal paper rolls are available in colors and they are generally of a bright white appearance.

Thermal paper is coated with a special heat sensitive coating which reacts to the heated thermal print head in the printer mechanism. To recognize thermal paper simply run your finger nail across the surface & the heat generated by the friction will form a black image.

To ensure longevity of your print head & optimum print image on your thermal paper roll it is very important to ensure you use high quality thermal paper. Apex only uses the best quality papers which mean that you can be assured of the highest quality at all times.

Carbonless Paper
Often confused with self contained paper rolls this paper type is very similar & is primarily used for rolls needing two or three plies of paper. It is coated with a special formulation of micro capsules that are applied to either the front or back of the paper or in the case of three ply rolls the second copy is coated on both sides. To achieve an image on the top copy there must be a ribbon in the printer mechanism.

Single Ply Paper
There are many grades of paper that can be described under this heading but generally speaking ‘A’ grade & economy TMP are the two primary qualities used within paper roll manufacturing. The primary difference between these two grades is that ‘A’ grade is a much brighter & whiter paper with economy grades being slightly off white

Self Contained Paper
Often described as Action or Impact paper this paper type has primarily been supplied for rolls using two or three ply’s of paper but more recently has been widely adapted to be used as a single ply impact roll for systems.

This paper type is coated with a special formulation of micro capsules that create an image when pressure is applied by the printer mechanism effectively bursting the capsules. With this paper no ribbons are required in the printer to achieve an image on any of the copies.

These rolls can often look ‘dirty’ or ‘marked’ on the outside which is caused by excess pressure on the capsules. Unlike some products, self contained rolls from Apex have minimal marking & as such provide a much clearer image.

35) What two ply or thermal roll do I need?

There is much confusion between thermal paper & two ply paper due to a general misunderstanding of the term ‘coated papers’ (see ‘what paper do I need’). For most applications thermal paper is NOT supplied as a two ply roll & you will most likely need a single ply or carbonless paper roll.

36) Can I use other paper types in my thermal printer?

No. Only thermal paper rolls can be used in thermal printers.
Check your printer manual for roll size & make sure that you specify the optimum roll diameter for your printer & ask what the estimated roll length is for that diameter.
Make sure that the roll diameter ordered is what you receive as it is not uncommon for some companies to supply them undersized.

Check if core size is essential to the printer operation (see ‘is the core size important’).If it’s not check the internal dimension of the core which should be no more than 12.7mm internal diameter.

For hand held portable thermal printers select Apex high yield coreless rolls which have up to 40% more paper per roll (available in 57x30mm & 57x26mm thermal paper). Take the Apex challenge & send us an unused sample roll from your existing supplier for cost saving recommendation & your local Apex rep.

As a leading provider of paper roll products, Apex offers many different roll products – to deliver outstanding performance across a wide range of machines:

  • Thermal rolls
  • EPOS (Electronic point of sale) rolls
  • EFTPOS (Electronic fund transfer at point of sale) rolls
  • Gaming & Betting Thermal rolls
  • Leisure & Hospitality rolls
  • Plotter Paper rolls for architects & engineers
  • Exam table rolls (these rolls are sterilized)
  • Rolls Till
  • ATM & kiosk rolls
  • Telex rolls
  • Airline & Transport rolls
  • Thermal Paper rolls
  • Receipt rolls
  • Coreless Thermal rolls
  • Thermal calculator rolls
  • Fax rolls
  • Kitchen printer rolls
  • Butcher paper rolls
  • Table cover paper rolls

37) What does P.O.S. mean?

P.O.S. stands for Point-of-Sale. It describes a type of automated device used at the place where sales are recorded, typically involving using a computer and software to track sales and inventory.

38) Where can I find a P.O.S. system? My local computer store does not sell anything like that.

Point of Sale software and hardware are specialized products which require the expertise of professionals who know both the retail business world and computer applications. Depending on your type of business you may be directed to the POS system professional that fits your business needs. Apex sells only the paper rolls for the many kinds of POS system in the market place.

39) Can Apex help me find a P.O.S. system?

Apex Paper Rolls & Supplies, Inc. can advice you on POS systems from a simple brand name Cash Register to a full Point-of-Sale system. Apex only works with major system providers that can assure a full service installation, no order by mail systems.

40) What is a Magnetic Stripe Reader?

Magnetic stripe readers are convenient for retailers who want to accept credit or debit cards as well as gift cards. They’re usually attached as a keyboard wedge (see “host connection” for more information on wedges) or directly to a serial port, and are most often configured to read tracks one and two or track two only. Proper software and a modem are needed to fill out the solution.


41) What is a Receipt Printer?

Every point-of-sale system should have a receipt printer. Each receipt printer comes with one or two cash drawer ports for direct attachment. This allows two devices – printer and cash drawer – to share a single port on the PC, which is beneficial because there are generally more peripheral devices than available ports on a PC. Several options are available for most receipt printers, cutter mechanisms, slip validation on thermal or impact designs.


42) Do you sell Gift Card products and services?

Yes, Apex sells an easy to use Gift Card program. The system is simple an easy to manage with minimum maintenance.

Apex also sells and installs a simple Rewards and Loyalty program, just like the Gift Card program is very easy to use and implement.

43) What exactly is a Gift Card program?

A gift card program functions as a full service gift certificate. The gift card has many options that the traditional paper gift certificate cannot offer.

  • Automated Tracking
  • Easier for your customers to use and carry.
  • Personalized cards with your company logo.
  • Fraud Control, cards cannot be used until activated in the system.
  • Multiple uses for cards: merchandise return, loyalty etc.
  • Never refund cash; carry a balance with gift cards.
  • Impulse Purchasing
  • Custom reports detailing your customers’ spending trends.

44) What exactly is a Reward and Loyalty program?

A reward and loyalty program tracks your customers’ usage at your establishment allowing you to reward them for frequency and keep them coming back to redeem their rewards. It also allows you to promote special offers and off-peak times.

45) Is the Gift Card a replacement for paper gift certificates?

Yes and much more; the gift card program is also a full marketing solution.

  • Promotional product – use Gift Cards as giveaways, Feature Sells and Benefit Sells.
  • Database Mgt. – start forming your own internal customer database.
  • Brand Awareness – Customers will carry your card w/ logo around with them.
  • Increased Revenue– never refund unspent cash, value stays on for future purchases.
  • No more fraud with copied paper certificates
  • Higher customer satisfaction and efficiency

46) What do I get with the purchase of the Gift Card and Reward/Loyalty Programs?

We will create a Gift Card and Reward and Loyalty program for you that will include:

  • Software
  • Gift / Loyalty Cards
  • Fulfillment Materials
  • Monthly reports on sales and card activity
  • Hardware
  • Training
  • Customer Support
  • Consulting

47) What do I get started?

  • Set up an appointment to outline a customized program.
  • Choose the type of program you want and quantity of cards desired.
  • We’ll design the artwork for the cards, envelopes and card carriers for you or you can supply them to us in camera ready format. Card and print production is completed 14 business days from when the artwork is proofed.
  • Apex offers different starting packages to get you on the road to selling electronic gift cards, depending on your specific needs.
  • For as little as $600.00 you can get the system installed and ready to go.

48) How do I benefit by implementing a Gift Card & Reward program?

Gift Cards are an innovative way to increase sales, improve customer loyalty and combat the problem of gift certificate fraud.

  • Improved Profitability
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Tracking Capabilities
  • Never re-issue another certificate and the card can be reloaded
  • The card keeps the unused balance
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • It’s fraud prevented

49) How does my customer benefit?

Gift Cards are popular with consumers because they are easy to purchase and use. The cards are a convenient, fun alternative to traditional paper certificates. Gift Cards are wallet size, making them more convenient to carry around.

50) How do I contact you?

We can be reached in several ways…

  • You may call our office at 1-203-967-2737 during our business hours Monday through Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm – Saturdays from 10:00am and 1:00pm – We are closed on Sundays and major Holidays.
  • There is an after hours number and for emergencies only issues 1-203-253-5224 available 24hrs.
  • E-mail us:
    Accounts Payable
    Accounts Receivable
  • On our website’s ‘home page’ there is an auto-response assistant. Click on the “How May I Help You? Box” and our web assistant will respond a.s.a.p.!
  • By U.S. postal service. All correspondence and payments should be send to…

Apex Paper Rolls & Supplies
65 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
Ph: 203-967-2737
Fax: 203-353-6565